The world of Mystera is made up of many floors, with the surface map of Galebrook being floor 1. Directly below is floor 2, the Underground, and below that is floor 3, the Deep Cave. These floors can be reached by building stairways.

On the Deep Cave floor you can find an existing hole (or dig one of your own with a shovel) to enter the Underworld, which spans floors 4 to infinity. Each floor is generated when first reached by a player, and then resets every seven days.

Each Underworld floor is a labyrinth of rooms and tunnels with destructable walls. You cannot build stairways in the Underworld, however you can use a shovel for a chance to dig a hole to the next floor down to speed your descent.

The types of monsters found are more dangerous as you descend deeper into the Underworld; however, gem rocks, altars, skeletons of dead players, statues of mercy, chests and more can be found in greater and greater concentrations.

Exiting the Underworld

While each Underworld level is linked by generated stairways, there are no stairways exiting the Underworld itself. Nor can any be built; in order to leave the Underworld you must: use an escape rope (while on the topmost Underworld floor in order to reach the Deep Cave floor and leave from there), use an Escape Lantern, or find a Statue of Mercy.

Escape ropes are crafted, and allow you to travel up one floor each before being consumed. Statues of Mercy are interactive objects that can spawn on all Underworld floors and which teleport you to a random location on the surface. Escape Lanterns, dropped by Flame Demons and Dust Devils, do the same unless you are bound to a Recall Tile.

  • Escape Rope: 20 tinder, 5 silver.
  • Recall Tile: 1 dragon scale, 1 escape lantern, 10 gold

Recall Tiles can be built on the surface and you can walk on them to bind yourself to one of them.

Underworld Recall Tiles

There are also (different) recall tiles in the Underworld, which can randomly spawn on all Underworld floors like Statues of Mercy and other interactive Underworld objects can. If you walk on one you become bound to it and can teleport to a random location on that floor using a Depth Recall potion, significantly shortening return trips to the Underworld.

  • Depth Recall: 1 dragon scale, 1 blue dye, 1 gold

This does not overwrite any Recall Tile on the surface you may be bound to, however; or visa versa.

Exclusive Spawns and Items


  • Chest: can spawn loot of quality that scales with your questing level and the level of the dungeon.
  • Dark Chest: spawns a small amount of gold, a watcher, a chaos, and a skeleton lord
  • Crystal Rock: a rock which, when mined, can yield gems which are used in Smithing
  • Skeleton: If a player dies in any way, their remains can be found on the same underworld level as their player level was on death
  • Table: Created for the monsters in the underworld to dine on. Destroy it for wood and more spawns. No, a player probably did not place it and you're not stepping on anyone's toes by destroying it.
  • Altar: something about multiplying items, making you hungry or full, spawning monsters or rarely a dog. wew dog.
  • Fountain: Fully restores your HP.
  • Statue of mercy: Takes you back to overworld.
  • Underworld recall tile: Reminds you of your position in UW. By using a Depth Recall potion you are able to start at last stepped recall tile.


Traps cannot be seen until stepped on, "consuming" them.

  • Mud: Slows you for -800 movement speed. Move around or use Caraway (+100 each Caraway) to get rid of the slow.
  • Pitfall: A hole opens up to the next floor; you'll probably fall in.
  • Spike Trap: Deals some percentage damage of your health when stepped on.


Sometimes found in chests.

  • Blunt Dagger: A comparatively weak weapon.
  • Dark Hero Platemail: Heavy armor.
  • Dark Memento: Assassin/Destruction accessory.
  • Leather Armor: Medium armor.
  • Strange Device: Why do you ask me? :v

Crystal Rock Yields

Stone2 Stone 55%
Gems Gems 20%
Flint Flint 10%
Hematite Hematite 7%
Mal Malachite 4%
Cass Cassiterite 3%
Silver Silver 0.7%
Gold Gold 0.3%

Object Spawn mechanics

Each floor can house a certain number of spawned objects (rocks, altars, fountains, etc.), and once that number is reached, little more will spawn. However, if you break a table, mine a rock, use up a fountain, or otherwise remove something which was spawned, another item can spawn. This does not account for what was used up, meaning that a destroyed table can yield an altar and a used up fountain can yield a regular rock elsewhere in that underworld level.

Monster Spawns

Monsters of any level can spawn at any point in the underworld but will typically stick to the floors outlined in the table. This is a result of abnormal spawns from altars and the "rare spawn mechanic" which will occasionally place a monster from many floors deeper in the underworld in a more shallow floor.

Underworld Critters



Health Attack Attack
Defense Hunting
Giant bat Giant Bat All floors 100HP 4 dmg 650ms 1 armor -?- 10 myst
Drops: Raw Meat
Serpent Serpent All floors 140HP 12 dmg 800ms 3 armor -?- 17 myst
Drops: Raw Meat
Skeleton Skeleton All floors 160HP 18 dmg 900ms 3 armor -?- 21 myst
Drops: Bones, Silver
Slime Slime Floors 10+ 100HP 13 dmg 900ms 1 armor -?- 14 myst
Duplicates in combat; copies can also multiply further.

Drops: Bones, Salmonberries

Snake2 Snake All floors 80HP 3 dmg 750ms 1 armor -?- 9 myst
Drops: Raw Meat
Water sprite Water Sprite All floors 50HP 3 dmg 800ms 1 armor -?- 6 myst
Drops: Clay, Mud, Healing Potion
Goblin Goblin Floors 7+ 150HP 6 dmg 800ms 1 armor -?- 17 myst
Can steal one unequipped item or stack of items from your inventory.

Drops: Clay, Dirt, Mud, Tinder, Stolen Player Items

Nether leech Nether Leech Floors 12+ 100HP 22 dmg 800ms 3 armor -?- 21 myst
Attacks cause 10 hunger.

Drops: Aloe Seeds, Raw Meat

Fallen knight Fallen Knight Floors 15+ 250HP 30 dmg 1500ms 8 armor -?- 36 myst
Drops: Bronze, Guardian Rings, Silver, Warrior Rings
Watcher Watcher Floors 14+ 150HP 8 dmg 800ms 2 armor -?- 17 myst
Attacks slow (up to -600).

Drops: Spices (caraway) (rare)

Flame demon Flame Demon Floors 16+ 450HP 20 dmg 500ms 4 armor -?- 42 myst
All damage ignores armor.

Drops: Charcoal, Escape Lanterns, Gems (citrine, topaz)

Mage Mage Floors 20+ 100HP 14 dmg 1000ms 2 armor -?- 14 myst
Attack is ranged. All damage ignores armor.

Drops: Silver, Tinder

Skeleton lord Skeleton Lord Floors 19+ 400HP 25 dmg 900ms 4 armor -?- 44 myst
Spawns skeletons. Spawned skeletons give no myst/experience and despawn shortly.

Drops: Bones, Gems (emeralds, rubies)

Reaper Reaper Floors 20+ 300HP 20 dmg 600ms 3 armor -?- 33 myst
Teleports and pursues no matter where you go.

Drops: Reapers can turn into Underworld Chests when defeated

Rust golem Rust Golem Floors 22+ 400HP 40 dmg 800ms 5 armor -?- 52 myst
Drops: Copper, Dirt, Escape Ropes, Repair Kits
Red bones Red Bones Floors 24+ 380HP 40 dmg 900ms 5 armor -?- 52 myst
Drops: Bones, Clay, Spices (coriander)
Green dragon Green Dragon Floors 26+ 600HP 40 dmg 1000ms 5 armor -?- 69 myst
Shoots fireballs in straight lines for insane damage; you can be hit repeatedly if running away.

Drops: Bones, Dragon Scales, Gems (emeralds, rubies)

Creeper Creeper Floors 30+ 600HP 60 dmg 1000ms 6 armor -?- 74 myst
Invisible until in melee range, turns invisible again out of combat.

Drops: Clay, Silver, Scholar's Lens

Shroomie Shroomie Floors 30+ 400HP 30 dmg 900ms 3 armor -?- 46 myst
Heals other monsters. Healing range is huge.

Drops: Aloe, Healing Potion

Ghost Ghost Floors 40+ 1000HP 70 dmg 900ms 0 armor -?- 124 myst
Can shift through obstacles, including monsters and players.

Drops: Gold (very rare), Spices (black pepper)

Scorpion Scorpion Floors 40+ 550HP 30 dmg 900ms 5 armor -?- 58 myst
Attacks have a 20% chance to poison for 1 minute (5 damage/sec).

Drops: Dirt, Poison Extract, Woad

Archmage Archmage Floors 35+ 350HP 30 dmg 1000ms 4 armor -?- 43 myst
Attack is ranged. All damage ignores armor.

Drops: Spices (coriander), Tinder

Hive soldier Hive Soldier Floors 42+ 400HP 25 dmg 600ms 2 armor -?- 46 myst
Spawns more hive soldiers when hit, up to 6. All damage ignores armor.

Drops: Honey

Haunted remains Haunted Remains Floors 34+ 500HP 70 dmg 1000ms 4 armor -?- 86 myst
Special attack has a chance to drain one level from your highest skill.

Drops: Paper, Silver, Spices (black pepper)

Dust devil Dust Devil Floors 44+ 600HP 80 dmg 500ms 10 armor -?- 102 myst
Ranged attack, all attacks slow (up to -600). 25% damage ignores armor.

Drops: Charcoal, Escape Lanterns, Gems (garnets), Healing Potions, Silver

Quillbeast Quill Beast Floors 44+ 1300HP 90 dmg 1000ms 10 armor -?- 165 myst
Reflects back a percentage of damage taken. Some damage ignores armor.

Drops: Arrows, Gold, Raw Meat, Shard Trap

Vampires Vampire Floors 55+ 1000HP 25 dmg 700ms 5 armor -?- 90 myst
Heals when it deals damage, can also appear as a bat (Giant bat).

Drops: Gold, Raw Meat, Shard Traps

Tentacle Tentacle Floors 50+ 1200HP 120 dmg 1000ms 5 armor -?- 193 myst
High damage ranged attack on a 5000ms delay.

Drops: Iron, Silver, Spices (black pepper)

Ice elemental Ice Elemental Floors 52+ 1200HP 100 dmg 1500ms 10 armor -?- 171 myst
Attacks slow (up to -600). Special attack slows -600 (up to -1200).

Drops: Obsidian, Spices (caraway)

Direwolf Dire Wolf Floor 54+ 1200HP 100 dmg 800ms 6 armor -?- 171 myst
Moves at maximum speed. 25% damage ignores armor.

Drops: Bones, Pelts, Raw Meat

Summoner Summoner Floors 54+ 800HP 70 dmg 800ms 5 armor -?- 109 myst
Summons random creatures. 50% damage ignores armor.

Drops: Tinder, Tribe Relic

Lich Lich Floors 58+ 2500HP 130 dmg 800ms 5 armor -?- 306 myst
Attack is ranged, teleports and pursues within zone. 50% damage ignores armor.

Drops: Bone Piles

Ghostblade2 Ghost Blade Floors 60+ 3000HP 150 dmg 700ms 7 armor -?- 372 myst
Uses Disorient to swap places with target (no cooldown). Reportedly slow movement, high armor piercing.

Drops: Hematite, Iron Bar, Iron Sword

Mind Flayer Mind Flayer Floors 62+ 3000HP 60 dmg 800ms 3 armor -?- 240 myst
Does low damage ranged attacks that drains 10 armor per hit and stacks infinitely. Debuff lasts 5 seconds.

Drops: Black Pepper, Recall Potion