Tribes are organized groups of players in which they join in together to achieve common goals. A tribe is formed by a player using a Tribe Relic, which requires 5 gold to be crafted.

Once in the possesion of a relic, a player must type in the following command "/tribe create [tribe name]". This will create a tribe with the selected name. To join a tribe, simply follow the instructions prompted in chat once someone sends you an invite, which requires you to type in "/tribe accept".

Managing your tribe:

Once you have created your tribe, it's time to start adding new members to it. You can invite other players by using the command "/tribe invite [playername]". After that, the chosen player will recieve an invitation.

Each tribe member recieves a rank associated to them, which are the following: R-Recruit, M-Member, E-Elder, L-Leader.

You can see the list of all tribe members and their ranks, and experience levels by typing "/tribe list".

You can adjust the ranks of your members (if a leader) by using the commands "/tribe promote [playername]" and "/tribe demote [playername]" to raise or lower a member's rank by one rank.

If unhappy with a tribe member, or you wish to leave a tribe, a player may do that with "/tribe kick [playername]" to remove a member and "/tribe leave" to leave a tribe.

Currently, only Leaders and Elders can add or remove players. Promoting an Elder leads to that player becoming the Leader. If the current Leader leaves, an Elder is appointed as a new Leader.

There are no statistical benefits to being in a tribe, but it does allow players to share resources, build common structures, prevent damage to each other and construct tribe towers, and access to the tribe chat which allows communication between tribe members.

There are two types of gates available to tribes. The tribe gate can be used by any tribe member, whereas tribe vaults may only be opened by the Leader and the Elders.