Traits are randomly selected stat perks that are rerolled randomly on death or reincarnation.

Earning Angel Dusts unlocks one the ability to have multiple Traits at once.

List of Traits

Trait Effect
Alert: +15% dodge rate
Deadly: +4% critical chance
Fast: +60 movement speed
Healthy: -50% Food bar drain
Organized: +1000 weight capacity
Precise: +10% accuracy rate
Quick: -100ms faster weapon cooldown and actions like chopping, mining, etc.
Reverent: +15% Myst bonus
Strong: +3 attack
Sturdy: +30 max health
Tough: +3 defense
Wise: +15% Exp bonus

Angel Dust

While active in-game and per level up, "Dust Earned" stat is earned. It is then converted into Angel Dust on death or reincarnation which also rerolls traits. Up to 12 additional trait slots are unlocked after obtaining certain amounts of Angel Dusts.

Angel Dust is earned in two ways:

  • The character's time in-game either actively playing or sleeping in a bed but not idly standing around. Dust gain is higher initially then declines the longer one is alive. Angel Dust gain stops after approximately four weeks of Time Alive (~700 hours).
  • Earning character levels grant certain amounts of Angel Dust, and significantly moreso the with more Time Alive. Since reincarnating does not reset Time Alive and also involves leveling up a lot, it's the go-to method for farming Angel Dust to unlock additional trait slots.

Dust Earned appears to cap at 30 times your character level.

Traits Angel
1 0
2 500
3 2,000
4 4,500
5 8,000
6 12,500
7 18,000
8 24,500
9 32,000
10 40,500
11 50,000
12 60,500
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