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At its heart Mystera Legacy is a game about resource gathering, interacting with the community, leveling skills, death and decay. Mystera Legacy (ML) is very chaotic; buildings break down over time, food decays, the landscape changes, there are even Chaos entities that will learn, grow, and attack you and your buildings.

Entropy (or chaos by any other name) is a feature of the game mechanics and you will have to put effort into maintaining buildings and the land if you want a thing to persist. Additionally, there is the player element: Players are a wildcard and add another dimension to game-play with Player-vs-Player interaction. Some amount of effort is required in order to be an effective player in ML. Active play is rewarded with daily bonuses to experience gains, and the ability to maintain a base by staving off the chaotic forces which erode your structures.

A base is not required (but highly recommended) and the game is a sandbox with no particular goal. You can choose to forego a base and live more of a nomad's life, but there is a dimension of inventory/weight management to consider: carrying all of your belongings will slow you down and possibly make you a bigger target. Ultimately, your style of play is up to you.

There is one permanent in the game (so long as you are playing) and that is your character. A character may die any number of times, and certain stats are retained (see Reincarnation and Angel Dust Traits). Logging out will remove your character from the world after 1 minute (unless you log out in a bed), but your stats and inventory will persist assuming you were not killed in your sleep.