Basic Smelting

This section covers tin, copper, and bronze. You will need a simple fire or fire pit, and clay bowls.

  • Cassiterite (Cassiterite2) is used in smelting tin (Tin2).
  • Malachite (Malachite) is used in smelting copper (Copper2).
  • Tin and copper together (Tin2+Copper2) are used in smelting bronze (Bronze2).

First drop cassiterite or malachite, or tin and copper together, into a clay bowl. Then place the bowl onto a fire to smelt. Bronze returns half the total amount of tin and copper used, so if you smelt 50 tin and 50 copper you will get 50 bronze. The ratio of tin to copper doesn't matter in the slightest, 1 tin and 99 copper will also return 50 bronze.

  • Empty bowl (Clay bowl) vs. filled bowl (Filled clay bowl) vs. finished smelting (Finished clay bowl).

Clay bowls cannot be emptied of their contents until it has been smelted, so watch what you drop.

Bonus Ingots

If smelting 2 or more cassiterite or malachite, or 4 or more combined tin and copper, you have a chance to receive a bonus 50% more ingots back. This chance improves with your smelting level until it caps (approximately in the low 50s).

The Bloomery

This section covers iron and steel. You will need a bellows, bloomery, charcoal, and hematite (and gold for steel).

  • Bloomery materials: 250 stone, 150 clay, 8 charcoal, 10 silver.
  • Bellows materials: 30 wood, 6 hides, 5 silver.

The bloomery consumes hematite and charcoal in equal quantities: you can load up to 10 of each at a time. Operating the bellows attached to the bloomery will smelt iron which can then be retrieved from the bloomery.

Steel is the same process but with also adding gold to the bloomery. You can add up to 100 gold for a 100% chance to produce steel; each smelted steel consumes one gold and reduces the chance of steel by 1%.

Under 100% smelted iron also has a chance to consume 1 gold without producing steel.

Bonus Ingots

The base output if iron at level 0 smelting is 5 iron bars per 10 hematite and charcoal. This rate goes up by one bar every 2-3 levels (2.5 average), up to 45 iron bars per 10 hematite and charcoal at level 100 smelting.

Due to rounding, you can usually improve your output by emptying the bloomery after every smelt. Bonus ingots depends on the smelting level of the player operating the bellows attached to the bloomery.

(At time of writing I'm not sure if the bonus chance for steel is identical or different than iron.)

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