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These items are ones you can equip but which cannot serve as weapons.

Utility Items Speed
Wgt Materials
Bandage Bandage 1500 500 10 Yarn2 × 10 Yarn
Aloe × 20 Aloe
Bandages are used to heal other players or mobs.
Bucket Bucket 1100 N/A 40 Wood2 × 20 Wood
Buckets can be filled with water for Cooking and Dyemaking.
Fishing rod Fishing Pole 1100 800 200 Wood2 × 10 Wood
Tinder2 × 10 Tinder
Copper2 × 1 Copper
Fishing rods are used with worms to Fish.
Hoe Hoe 1100 600 150 Stone2 × 5 Stone
Wood2 × 5 Wood
Hoes are used to clear grass and are associated with the Tilling skill.
Knitting needles Knitting Needles 1500 N/A 4 Wood2 × 2 Wood
Knitting needles are used in Knitting.
Mythic builder Mythic Builder 1100 501 500 Not crafted - Dropped by Arcadian Miner or from Treasure Chests
Automatically craft or build the last thing you made, except knitting. Disposable and limited usage like bandages.
While equipped, hold action button for 3 secs to auto-craft (works like auto-swing)
Repair kit Repair Kit 1100 200 80 Stone2 × 10 Stone
Wood2 × 5 Wood
Clay2 × 5 Clay
Flint × 2 Flint
Repair kits are used to Repair structures and items with durability.
Shears Shears 1100 150 80 Tin2 × 20 Tin
Wood2 × 15 Wood
Shears are used to fleece sheep for wool to make yarn.
Shovel Shovel 1100 400 175 Stone2 × 15 Stone
Wood2 × 15 Wood
Used for Digging.
Iron shovel Iron Shovel 1100 600 300

Iron × 50 Iron
Wood2 × 30 Wood

Used for Digging.
Spindle Spindle 1500 N/A 15 Wood2 × 5 Wood
Used with wool in your inventory to spin yarn for Knitting.


These items each have a unique function and cannot be equipped.

Name Purpose Materials
Blank paper Blank Paper Write text on each piece with /write [text] command.
Writings cannot be erased.
Pelt2 × 1 Pelt
Silver × 1 Silver
Tinder2 × 1 Tinder
Clay bowl Clay Bowl Used in Smelting. Clay2 × 10 Clay
Cooking pot Cooking Pot Used in Cooking. Hematite × 50 Hematite
Silver × 50 Silver
Compass Compass Displays your current map coordinates. Wood2 × 3 Wood
Hematite × 1 Hematite
Lock Lock Used to Secure Items. Copper2 × 5 Copper
Silver × 5 Silver
Mud trap
Mud Trap Laid on the ground to slow down the enemy. Wool × 2 Wool
Mud× 10 Mud
Shard trap
Shard Trap Damages victims by max health percentage. Gold × 2 Gold
Obsidian × 10 Obsidian
Scholars lens Scholar's Lens Used to examine items, creature, and structures. Copper2 × 5 Copper
Silver × 20 Silver
Raft Raft Drop on shallow water to transport players, NPCs, and items on it over rivers and lakes. Wood2 × 30 Wood
Tinder2 × 20 Tinder
Silver × 10 Silver


These items are all consumed on use, and most can be stacked in your inventory.


These items have beneficial effects when consumed.

Medicines Wgt Notes Materials
Aloe Aloe 4 Dropped by Shroomies in the Underworld.
Harvested from Aloe Seeds.
Restores 10hp/sec for 5 secs.
Effect is CANCELED if you are hit.
Not Crafted.
Antidote Antidote 1 Removes poison after a short delay. Silver × 10 Silver
Poison extract × 10 Poison Extract
Healing potion × 1 Healing Potion
Healing potion Healing Potion

Restores 100-400 hit points (15sec CD).
Scales with healing skill and health pool.

Aloe × 3 Aloe
Mud × 1 Mud
Silver × 1 Silver


These types of consumables each have a unique effect, ranging from creating a tribe to teleportation.

Name Effect Materials
Tribe relic Tribe Relic Used to start a new tribe. Gold × 5 Gold
Depth recall Depth Recall Gold × 1 Gold
Dragon scale × 1 Dragon Scale
Blue dye × 1 Blue Dye
Escape lantern Escape Lantern Not crafted.
Escape rope Escape Rope
  • Climb up one map level in the Underworld or above.
  • Cannot be used if the square above is blocked.
  • Floor tiles (not roads or gravel) block access inside bases.
  • 1 rope is consumed with each use, so pack several.
Tinder2 × 20 Tinder
Silver × 5 Silver

Equipment Utility

These types of consumables are only used up by equipped items.

Name Equipment Materials
Arrow Arrow Bows 20 Wood, 1 Feather (makes 50 pcs)
Worm Worm Fishing Rod Found by Digging dirt tiles or tilling grass

Foods and Spices

See the Cooking page for details of the effects of cooking food and spices (including honey)

Name Description Weight Expiration
Raw meat
Raw Lamb Delicious meat from a young sheep. 3 4320 mins (3 days)
Raw meat
Mystery Meat Don't know where it came from 3 5760 mins (4 days)


Seeds are used to grow different types of plants. Potatoes are a food that act as their own seeds if dropped on a dirt tile. Seeds need to be planted next to water or watered using a Bucket or they have a chance of withering. Withered plants will return the seed when harvested but will otherwise despawn after a few minutes.

Name Plant Harvest
Salmonberry seeds Salmonberry Seed Berry Bush Salmonberries Salmonberry
Salmonberry seeds Salmonberry Seed
Holly seeds Holly Seed Holly Bush
(87.5% chance)
Tinder2 Tinder
Holly seeds Holly Seed
Spice Bush
(12.5% chance)
Tinder2 Tinder
Black pepperBlack Pepper
Holly seeds Holly Seed
Acorn Pinecone Fir Tree Wood2 Wood
Pinecone Pinecone
Dye seeds Dye Seed Dye Bush Madder Madder
Weld Weld
Woad Woad
Dye seeds Dye Seed
Tomato seed Tomato Seed Tomato Plant Tomato Tomato
Tomato seed Tomato Seed
Carrot seed Carrot Seed Carrot Plant Carrot Carrot
Carrot seed Carrot Seed
Aloe seed Aloe Seed Aloe* (no plant) Aloe Aloe
Aloe seed Aloe Seed
Lettuce seed Lettuce Seed Lettuce Plant Lettuce Lettuce
Lettuce seed Lettuce Seed
Onion seed Onion Seed Onion Plant Onion Onion
Onion seed Onion Seed

(*Aloe Plants are just Aloe. If you do not collect them within 10 minutes they will despawn.)

Construction Tiles

Floor and road tiles fall into this category. These are items that go into your inventory and, when used, get placed directly below you. You cannot recover these for any materials from placed tiles so place carefully. Placed tiles can be removed by digging with a shovel, but can be time consuming to remove depending on your digging skill level.

Name Purpose Materials
Clay floor kit Clay Floor Kit Creates a Clay Floor Clay2 × 5 Clay
Stone floor kit Stone Floor Kit Creates a Stone Floor Stone2 × 15 Stone
Wood floor kit Wood Floor Kit Creates a Wood Floor Wood2 × 10 Wood
Gravel road kit Gravel Road Kit Creates a Gravel Road Stone2 × 5 Stone
Clay2 × 1 Clay
Stone road kit Stone Road Kit Creates a Stone Road Stone2 × 20 Stone
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