Newbie Town Locations Edit
  • Newbie Village is the beginning area for all freshly created characters. Following the paths and reading the signs is the basic in game tutorial, along with Quests.


  1. Rats Spawn here, as well as a permanent fountain to regenerate lost health.
  2. Raccoons spawns.
  3. Base Tree, Rocks, and Holly Bush Spawnss.
  4. 1 Cow, 2 rats, 2 turtle, 1 Holly, 1 Rock spawns.
  5. Single Sheep, 3 Rats, 2 Turtle, 1 Tree spawns.
  6. 2 Hornet spawns.
  7. 1 Chicken, 2 Sheep, 2 Rats, 2 Trees, 2 Rocks spawns.
  8. The path may look blocked, but the bushes sitting on dirt road can easily be passed.  2 Snakes spawn here, great for the Quest Danger!, just run away from them.
  9. 1 Chicken, 1 Sheep, 2 Raccoons, 3 Rats, 1 Tree, 1 Rocks spawns.
  10. 6 Wisps spawn here, great for worms and health pots.
  11. This is the actual village. Walk into Newbie Store's Door to view trades. To the east of Newbie Store are Fire Pits for cooking your raw meats.
  12. This area is accessed through Snake Pits, Beware it contains a Nether Leech spawn!
  13. Theses Stairs access Newbie Cave.

Newbie Store

Various items can be traded over these Trade Counters for the listed goods.

  • Repair Kit for 25 Stone
  • Silver for 3 Feathers
  • Compass for 5 Meat
  • Flint Dagger for 8 Bones
  • Healing Potion for 5 Turtle Shells
  • Light Tunic for 5 Fish Meat
  • Onion Seed for 1 Hide
  • 2 Worms for 2 Tinder
  • Fishing Rod for 8 Pelts

Newbie Cave

Here, you can find Wolves, Raccoons, Water Sprites and Snakes.


New Players cant leave Newbie Town until they reach character level 5. At level 15, you will not be able to return. This area is also PVP safe.