The cows have come home! This bovine prefers the plains area for the abundant grass all over. While docile in nature, when provoked they strike hard.

Milk can be obtained from a cow by using empty bucket on it. Two milk bottles are available, then one needs to wait a bit. The cow in Newbie Village never produces any milk.

Like sheep, when two cows are near each other, they can create an offspring in the form of an adult cow, quickly multiplying when in an enclosed space with sufficient available space.

Scholar's Lens Info

Name Health Damage Armor Cooldown
Cow 150 5 4 1200


Main Occasional Rare
Raw meat Raw Meat: 4-6 Bone2 Bone: 3-4
Hide2 Hide: 2


The cow will not actively attack or chase critters or other players. With mediocre attack and decent armor the cow can take a lot of hits while whittling away at it's opponents. Not advisable to fight when first starting out.