Construction is the player building skill in Mystera Legacy.

What you build is always placed in the tile you are facing. Most structures (walls, doors, towers, trading counters, and training dummies) slowly decay over time, requiring regular repairs using repair kits. Structures that are not touching others on at least two sides decay significantly faster (with the exception of towers and target dummies).

Destroying a construction object returns half of the materials it took to build it, except for stairs (which return no materials). You automatically do 25% damage to your own structures with each hit; use a hammer, spear from two spaces, or a sword (sideways) to break interactable objects (such as gates, towers, and trade counters).

Hitting another player's structures is a hostile act and will trigger any other player's arrow towers within range. You can toggle /pvp to avoid accidentally hitting other player's structures. Additionally, anyone can break a new structure in a few hits within a few minutes of it being built, without triggering towers (to counter some trolling behavior).

Destroying other player's structures is the realm of the Destruction skill.

Leveling Up and Experience

Each level in construction increases the hit points of what you build by 1%, capping at 100.

Anything you build gives 40 base experience, making simple fires the go-to for grinding.

Defending your Home

Make sure your base is fully floored, with fully connected walls, and don't use animal gates to try and keep people out since they have very few hit points. If part of your base is not floored adjacent floor tiles can decay, and any items on them can be lost. Floor tiles also stop players from using escape ropes to enter your base from underground.

Your walls must be fully connected because any wall or door not touching a structure on at least two sides suffers significantly accelerated decay, and full damage from attacks regardless of its hit points. Connected walls take reduced damage above 50%, and even less above 10%, so make sure you keep up on your base repairs.

Early goals should be to build at least one series of stone walls, and to not build bigger than you can maintain.

Arrow Towers are also an investment that can deter protential raiders, and will also record the names of their last three targets. Inside your base you can consider placing hidden spike traps that will harm other players, if necessary.

Finally you can use locks which can protect your most valuable items for a period of time in the case of a break-in.

Adjacent Structures

In Galebrook, anything built touching another player's existing structure they can break in four hits as though your structure were their own. This includes building next to sign posts, or any other construction object, not just walls and gates. It is generally polite to leave at least a minimum of 2-3 squares between neighbors unless you've first talked it over.

In Wellington, you can destroy with PVP-on other players' decaying structures touching your own that are built at a later time than yours. For example, you woke up and found that someone built a structure hugging your wall or door intended to raid or troll you -- you can destroy that adjacent object but the offending builder cannot do the same to yours because your structures have an earlier build time.

Decay and Repairing

All walls, gates, arrow towers, trading counters, and training dummies decay, having a chance to lose a percentage of their hit points at random intervals. Like equipment, structures can be repaired with repair kits (each have 200 uses, and is made with 10 stone, 5 wood, 2 flint, and 5 clay). The amount repaired for structures is 0.25% per repair level.

After level 10 repairing you can repair up to six squares at once if you have flint in your inventory (consuming the flint in the process). Sweat catchers are accessories that boost both construction and repair by +5, and you can equip two of them. They are made with the Knitting skill and require 10 yarn, 4 red dye, and 8 silver to make.

As of January 17th, 2019: Decay removes 2.875% total HP at a time, occurring at most once per 8 hours. This applies to structures that are touching other structures on at least two sides. "Unsupported" structures (not touching others on two sides) have significantly accelerated decay, with the exception of towers and target dummies.

Reinforcing Structures

Dragon scale
Dragon Scales and Gold are used to add additional hit points to structures, scaling with the user's construction level. This does not slow the rate of decay since decay is percentage-based but they'll have more HP overall and take longer to destroy.
  • 1 Dragon Scale and 1 Gold adds 25,000 HP plus 100 HP per construction level (for a max of 35,000 HP at 100)
  • Only structures which decay can be reinforced so Other Objects are not applicable.
  • Reinforcing is possible even to objects you did not build, regardless of tribe if any.
  • You can reinforce objects as many times as you can; there's no limit.
  • Reinforcing does not repair the object. It raises the max HP and applies the same percentage-based decayed current HP. (Example: Animal Gate was 1,200 / 1,360 HP before reinforcing, turns into 29,100 / 29,760 HP after.
  • In Wellington, no Myst is used in reinforcing.

How to Reinforce Structures

  1. Have some Gold and Dragon Scales in your inventory, [Tab key]
  2. Stand facing the target to reinforce, 
  3. Select Dragon Scales and tap/click "Use".

One gold is automatically deducted from your bag per Dragon Scale. A log message of the activity is shown in the chat window.

Gates and Walls

While there are rules for who can open a gate, if you move through quickly you can be followed. The timing seems to be a second or less, so it's convenient for letting other people in on purpose but can take a few tries (especially depending on latency). Pausing in the doorway, or building multiple doors, can stop strangers from following you inside.

Gates Base Hit Points Construction Materials
Animal gate Animal Gate 1,000 +10 hp/lvl Wood2 × 20 Wood
Toggle between public and private with the /allow command.
Animal gates stay open for one minute unless closed.
Personal gate Personal Gate 150,000 +1.5k hp/lvl Stone2 × 10 Stone
Wood2 × 20 Wood
Silver × 1 Silver
Can only be opened by the owner.
Tribe gate Tribe Gate 200,000 +2k hp/lvl Stone2 × 20 Stone
Wood2 × 40 Wood
Silver × 1 Silver
Gold × 5 Gold
Usable by all tribe members.
Tribe vault Tribe Vault 200,000 +2k hp/lvl Stone2 × 20 Stone
Wood2 × 40 Wood
Silver × 5 Silver
Gold × 10 Gold
Only usable by tribe leaders and elders.
Walls Base Hit Points Construction Materials
Wood wall Wood Wall 100,000 +1k hp/lvl Wood2 × 20 Wood
Stone wall Stone Wall 300,000 +3k hp/lvl Stone2 × 30 Stone
Clay2 × 10 Clay

It's a good idea to upgrade to stone walls early. 100K hit points for wood walls might feel like a lot at first, but after factoring in a day or two of decay, or the potential damage from raiders even without it, stone is simply the baseline for security. And even then two rows of stone walls (or more) is better than one for added security.

Floors and Roads

Tile kits are Crafting instead of construction which are applied from your inventory to the square you are standing on.

Floor tiles protect items but can decay if next to nature tiles (including water and road tiles). They also block players underground from using escape ropes up.

  • Floor tiles can be removed with a shovel: clay is the easiest to dig up, and stone is the hardest.
  • Stone roads are significantly difficult to remove under 50-70 digging levels in order to deter griefing and trolling.

Road tiles do not protect items or block the use of escape ropes from underground. Roads decay after a random number of days and cannot be repaired.

In Wellington...

  • Laying roads and floor tiles in Wellington costs 25% of your current /mystcost amount.
  • Removing floors in Wellington is free.
  • Removing roads in Wellington costs 100% of your current /mystcost amount.
  • A workaround to remove Gravel Roads easier and cheaper is laying clay or wood floors over them then dig.
Floors Materials Movement
Clay floor Clay Floor Clay2 × 5 Clay +50 speed
Wood floor Wood Floor Wood2 × 10 Wood +50 speed
Stone floor Stone Floor Stone2 × 15 Stone +50 speed
Roads Materials Movement
Gravel road Gravel Road Stone2 × 5 Stone
Clay2 × 1 Clay
+100 speed
Stone road Stone Road Stone2 × 20 Stone +150 speed

Other Objects

List of other construction objects you can build for your base, or around other parts of Mystera. These objects are exempt from the accelerated decay that can affect gates and walls (and with the exception of arrow towers and target dummies, other objects on this list do not decay at all, and therefore also cannot be reinforced with more HP).

Objects Base Hit Points Construction Materials
Arrow tower
Arrow Tower 50,000 +500 HP/lvl Stone2 × 80 Stone
Obsidian × 20 Obsidian
Gold × 1 Gold
To be effective, it needs to be loaded with Arrows dropped infront of it. Arrow towers can be turned on and off.

  • Type '/take [amount]' infront of a tower to retrieve [amount] of arrows.
  • Attacks players in line of sight up to 6 squares away;
  • Attacks players over obstacles who attack other players in range;
  • Attacks players over obstacles who attack another's structures.
  • The /upgrade command creates tribe towers.
  • Tribe towers cannot be reverted back to personal arrow towers.
  • Detroyed towers also drop all remaining loaded arrows.

In Wellington...

Arrow Towers do not fire arrows at all in Wellington, even if loaded and turned ON.

Tower Range

Floor tiles indicate maximum tower range.

Tower Range Graphic
Tower range
Bed 400 +4 HP/lvl Wood2 × 20 Wood
Feather2 × 4 Feathers
Wool × 4 Wool

Sleeping in the bed your character built keeps him/her in the game while logged off. This adds to your character's time alive and accumulation of angel dust. Sleeping in your bed is required to be listed in the Server Leaderboards whenever you are not playing in-game.

Bellows 1,000 +10 HP/lvl Wood2 × 30 Wood
Silver × 5 Silver
Hide2 × 6 Hides
Attached to the left of a bloomery to operate it.
Bloomery 5,000 +50 HP/lvl Stone2 × 250 Stone
Clay2 × 150 Clay
Charcoal × 8 Charcoal
Silver × 10 Silver
Attached to a bellows. Used in Smelting iron and steel.
Duel statue
Duel Statue 150,000 +1,500 HP/lvl Stone2 × 100 Stone
Bone2 × 20 Bone
Gold × 15 Gold
Used for player duels without risk of death or item drop. Assassin exp points are only gained in Galebrook duels.
Fire pit
Fire Pit 25 +2.5 HP/lvl Stone2 × 20 Stone
Wood2 × 4 Wood
Flint × 4 Flint
Charcoal × 4 Charcoal

Add wood to start a fire. Can be used for Cooking and basic Smelting.

Each piece of wood added is 8% fuel for 30 seconds

Garbage bin
Garbage Bin Clay2 × 20 Clay
Flint × 20 Flint
Items dropped facing a garbage bin are irretrievably deleted.
Golden candlestick
Golden Candlestick 1,000 +10 HP/lvl Bronze2 × 20 Bronze
Flint × 5 Flint
Gold × 5 Gold
The candlestick is purely just for decoration; no practical use.
Recall tile house
Recall Tile 5,000 +50 HP/lvl Escape lantern × 1 Escape Lantern
Dragon scale × 1 Dragon Scale
Gold × 10 Gold

Binds where you appear after using an escape lantern, or death. /clear to unbind.
If you die within 30 seconds of respawning you appear in Crossroads instead.

Sign Signpost 200 +2 HP/lvl Wood2 × 20 Wood
Use the /sign [message] command to write a message on a signpost.
Simple fire Simple Fire n/a n/a Wood2 × 5 Wood
Tinder2 × 3 Tinder
Flint × 1 Flint

TEMPORARY! Eventually burns out after 3 minutes, leaving behind one charcoal .

Can be instantly put out by pouring water on it with a bucket.

Stairs Stairway 10,000 n/a Stone2 × 100 Stone
Clay2 × 20 Clay
Gold × 1 Gold
Connects down to the next map level in Galebrook . Cannot be built in Wellington and the Underworld.
Anvil Stone Anvil 5,000 +50 HP/lvl Stone2 × 400 Stone
Silver × 10 Silver
Used for Smithing and renaming equipments. It is not used in crafting.
Trading counter
Trading Counter 150,000 +1,500 HP/lvl Wood2 × 50 Wood
Silver × 10 Silver
Gold × 5 Gold
Other players can send items across a counter if it has no price set.
Used to sell items:
  • Set a price by dropping the price item and hitting action.
  • Clear a price by hitting action with nothing underfoot.
  • Change the price quantity with the /price [quantity] command.
  • A set trading counter will sell whatever is placed behind it.
  • Cannot be used to "buy" items off nature tile squares (as of January 2019).
Dummy2 Training Dummy 1,000 +10 HP/lvl Wood2 × 50 Wood
Tinder2 × 20 Tinder
Red dye × 1 Red Dye
  • Used to train melee weapon skills, loses 1 HP per hit.
  • Punch with no weapon equipped to break quickly.
  • Any player can use/damage it so be sure to build it 1 tiles away from your walls so people cannot snipe and destroy them with spears or  hammers.
Wooden Table 100 +1 HP/LVL Wood2 × 20 Wood
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