A feathery creature that has all but disappeared from the wilds of Mystera. Solely a domestic critter, the chicken is a pacifist that won't attack and runs from danger. It generally lives in captivity with the occasional avian lover to try and free them.

Chickens may hatch from fertilized eggs when they sit on grass for 1 minute. 

Chicken lens-0

Chickens need to be well fed to around 70-90% to drop fertilized eggs and will molt feathers on grass when they are between 10-30%.

When a chicken in breeding mode drops a fertilized egg it drops to around 45%. Fertilized eggs dont stack with normal ones.

Being on grass naturally gives them an average amount of food. You can feed them manually by dropping worms on grass near them.

Animals have a lifespan of 3 days.The developer has confirmed that there is a fixed population of chickens in the world. This means a chicken will only spawn somewhere or hatch from an egg if another is killed or dies of old age.  

Scholar's Lens Info

Chicken lens
Name Health Damage Armor Cooldown
Chicken 40 1 0 1000


Main Occasional Rare
Raw meat Raw Meat: 1-2 Feather2 Feather: 1-4 Tomato seed Tomato Seeds: ?-?


The chicken moves around in a random fashion. When engaged in combat by player or other critters, it will try to run away. Even with it's low damage stat, it won't retaliate.