The antithesis of player characters, Chaos seek only to destroy. Gifted with skill training very similar to the player characters, they can increase their skills and level up. However, they cannot become hungry, do not gather, craft, cook, build, use abilities, read, or respawn so any skills involving these tasks will remain at 0. The developer has expressed interest in creating Chaos communities, however, so this information may change. In order for one to spawn, a player must first open an UnderWorld dark chest. This will announce that ""playername" has added chaos to the world."

Scholar's Lens

Name Health Damage Armor-150) Cooldown
Chaos 500-4k ? ? 1500-500


Main Occasional Rare
items it picks up Silver: 1-20 Gold: 1-10


Their behavior consists of destroying player-created walls, attacking animals, picking up any items superior to their currently equipped gear, and running when their HP reaches 50 percent or below. They have the ability to speak in their own tongue, communicating their intent perform any of the aforementioned actions. They rapidly regenerate when given a brief yet specific amount of time that will replace this entire bit when it's measured. upon reaching level 40, they will receive a stone hammer. Deep water cannot stop them as they can dig.

When they lack a stimulus, they move randomly and instantly aggro against everything else nearby, short of players below level 60 who have not recently reincarnated. When near a level 60+ character, they can aggro from a greater distance than most mobs and take a direct path to them, even if that requires walls to be broken. When a player below level 60 attacks a chaos, they will remember the attack indefinitely and instantly aggro upon seeing them again. This behavior is not spread to other chaos.

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Available actions and behaviors: Fights animals, destroys walls, gains stone hammer at lvl 40, gathers equitable items, searches for level 60+ PCs, armor can be trained when it is hit. does not gather from rocks, chop trees, or forage. cannot craft. They can dig.