This is a general reference for prices on the Brazil server.

Prices are in gold unless noted (silver is not a widely accepted currency outside very minor transactions). Players can set whatever prices they wish in-game: this page is intended to reflect such prices, not dictate what they should be.

Any help keeping the prices and notes updated is most welcome. If players from other servers would like similar pages added to the wiki to maintain for their servers please contact Seryn on US East to set up a copy.

Common Materials


Wood2 Wood 150-200:1 High demand.
Stone2 Stone 200-250:1 Variable demand.
Clay2 Clay 100-150:1 Med-High Demand


Bone2 Bone 100:1 Low demand.
Mud Dirt 30-50:1 High demand
Dragon scale Dragon Scales 3-5:1 Inconsistent demand.
Feather2 Feathers 8-10:1 High demand.
Flint Flint 100-120:1 High demand
Hide2 Hides 80:1 Low demand.
Mud Mud 30-50:1 High demand
Obsidian Obsidian 30-50:1
Pelt2 Pelts 80:1 Low demand.
Silver Silver 50-100:1
Tinder2 Tinder 150-200:1
Turtle shell Turtle Shell 80-120:1



Cassiterite2 Cassiterite 60-70:1 Used to smelt tin.
Malachite Malachite 60-70:1 Used to smelt copper.
Hematite Hematite 120:1 Low demand.


Tin2 Tin 70-90:1
Copper2 Copper 70-90:1
Bronze2 Bronze 30-40:1
Iron Iron 35-50:1 Loss unless high smelting.
Steel Bar Steel 3-5:1 Loss unless high smelting.


Charcoal Charcoal 8-10:1 Used to smelt iron and steel.



Wool Wool 15-20:1 Used to make yarn.
Yarn2 Yarn 15-20:1


Woad Woad 10-15:1 Used to make blue dye.
Madder Madder 10-15:1 Used to make red dye.
Weld Weld 10-15:1 Used to make yellow dye.

Bottled Dyes

Blue dye Blue Dye 10-15:1
Red dye Red Dye 10-15:1
Yellow dye Yellow Dye 10-15:1



Emerald Emeralds 8-10:1
Ruby Rubies 8-10:1


Amethyst Amethyst 15:1
Aquamarine2 Aquamarine 15:1
Citrine2 Citrine 15:1
Garnet2 Garnet 15:1
Peridot Peridot 15:1
Quartz Quartz 15:1
Sapphire Sapphire 15:1
Topaz Topaz 15:1



Raw meat Raw Meat 100-150:1
Fish meat Fish Meat 150-200:1


Egg Eggs 200:1 Low demand.
Egg [Fertilized] Eggs 1:2 Doesn't stack with other eggs.


Carrot Carrots 150-200:1 Low demand.
Lettuce Lettuce 150-200:1 Low demand.
Onion Onions 150-200:1 Low demand.
Potato Potatoes -- Nonexistent demand
Tomato Tomatoes 150-200:1 Low demand.


Black pepper Black Pepper 10:1 High demand.
Caraway Caraway -- Nonexistent demand.
Coriander Coriander 17:1
Honey Honey 10:1


Tree Seeds

Acorn Pinecone 8-10:1

Vegetable Seeds

Carrot seed Carrot Seeds 50:1 Low demand.
Lettuce seed Lettuce Seeds 50:1 Low demand.
Onion seed Onion Seeds 50:1 Low demand.
Tomato seed Tomato Seeds 50:1 Low demand.

Bush Seeds

Holly seeds Holly Seeds 50:1 Low demand.
Dye seeds Dye Seeds 25:1 Low demand.
Salmonberry seeds Salmonberry Seeds 50:1 Low demand.

Herb Seeds

Aloe seed Aloe Seeds 100:1 Low demand.



Arrow Arrows 200-250:1


Worm Worms 250-300:1


Cooking pot Cooking Pot 1:1 Low demand.
Iron shovel Iron Shovel 1:2 Low demand.
Repair kit Repair Kit 5:1 Low demand.
Scholars lens Scholar's Lens 1:1 Low demand.
Tribe relic Tribe Relic 1:1 Low demand.


Depth recall Depth Recall 1:2
Escape lantern Escape Lantern 5-10:1
Escape rope Escape Rope 5:1 Low demand.


Bandage Bandages 3:2
Aloe Aloe 150-175:1
Healing potion Healing Potions 10:1 High demand.

Skill Tomes

Ability I. II. III. IV. V.
Dash book Dash 10g 20g 30g N/A N/A
Disorient book Disorient 10g 20g 30g N/A N/A
Frostbite book Frostbite 10g 20g 30g
Healing Rain 10g 20g 40g 60g 100g+
Shell 10g 20g 30g 45g 80g+
Whirlwind 25-30g 60g 100g+ N/A N/A