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Abilities help define a player's role or specialization in combat which can make them Dash instantly 6 tiles forward, better tank against mobs, or provide healing. All players start with a free Whirlwind I ability in slot 1.

  • Abilities are learned from books after several tries, depending on one's Research skill levels.
  • Each book teaches a specific Ability rank with a chance of breaking per use which is reduced by increasing Research skill levels.
  • Abilities can be 'forgotten' and can be re-learned by reading the related book rank. Increasing Research skill levels reduces the chances of forgetting abilities.
  • Books are dropped by bosses or found in chests in the Underworld.

Ability Slot Hotkeys

On web browser play, Abilities are bound to keyboard hotkeys:

Slot Default Hotkey Required Myst to Unlock with Academic Upgrades
1 Q 0
2 E 100
3 R 1200
4 T 13,000
5 F 124,000

Customize Ability Hotkeys

To change or swap the order of your active abilities, go to the chat window and type:

/swap [slot1] (slot2)

The first ability you learned (at the bottom) is slot number 1, and it increases from there. If you leave off the second number it will always swap with your first ability by default. When you swap it will remind you of the name and level of those abilities in case you forgot.



Dash book

Sprint 6 tiles forward instantly, damages first thing on collision, mobs or players & building (with /pvp on).

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Damage Distance
I. 5 10 sec 0.5x 6 squares
II. 10 6 sec 1.0x 6 squares
III. 15 3 sec 1.5x 6 squares

Disorient book



Swap places with the monster or player you are facing then deal damage to it.

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Damage Multiplier
I. 10 60 sec 1.5x
II. 20 30 sec 2.0x
III. 50 10 sec 2.5x

Frostbite book


Frostbite icon

Does no damage but slows the movement speed of all players and NPCs within its range.

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Range
I. 5 1 min 3x1
II. 10 ??? 3x2
III. 50 ??? 3x3
IV. 100 15 sec 3x4
V. 150 10 sec 3x5


Healing Rain

Heal Rain icon

Heals the caster, players, and NPCs within range including enemy units.

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Range Effect
I. 10 60 secs 3 tiles 20% + healing level
II. 50 60 secs 6 tiles 30% + healing level
III. 100 30 secs ? 45% + healing level
IV. 200 ?? ? ??
V. 500 ?? its big as f*ck 70% + healing level



Reduces incoming damage to 1 for a limited amount of time.

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Duration
I. 20 2 mins 4 seconds
II. 50 ?? 5 seconds
III. 100 ?? 6 seconds
IV. 200 1.5 mins 7 seconds
V. 400 60 secs 8 seconds



Whirlwind icon

Damage everything once within its area of effect (AOE) with high precision. Damage is the multiplication of your current attack stat. Can crit and will penetrate armor based on equipment Glowing Runes .

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Range Damage
I. 5 5 sec 5x5 1.5x
II. 50 4 sec 7x7 2.0x
III. 200 3 sec 9x9 2.5x


Intimidate book

After a short cast time, it largely reduces the dodge rate of targets and silences players from using abilities within the duration -- mobs flee in terror. (Bosses are resistant)

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Range Duration
I. 20 30 sec 1x1 6 seconds
II. 3x3
IV. 300 5 sec
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