Abilities are learned from skill books dropped by bosses or found in chests in the Underworld. Each skill book teaches a specific ability and rank. Books have a chance of being consumed when the ability is learned which is reduced by your research skill.

It can take several tries to learn an ability depending on your research skill. Abilities also have a limited number of uses but the update suggests a higher research skill increases the chance of retaining abilities for longer periods of time before they must be relearned.

Hotkeys and Ability Slots

Abilities are bound to hotkeys Q, E, R, T, and F.

Players start with one ability slot and can purchase up to four more via Upgrades.



Sprint forward damaging anything in your path; halts early on collision.

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Damage Distance
I. 5 10 sec 0.5x 6 squares
II. 10 6 sec 1.0x 6 squares
III. 15 3 sec 1.5x 6 squares


Swap places with and damages the monster or player you are facing.

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Damage Multiplier
I. 10 60 sec 1.5x
II. 20 30 sec 2.0x
III. 50 10 sec 2.5x


Slow Everything in Range

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Range
I. 5 1 min 3x1
II. 10 ??? 3x2
III. 50 ??? 3x3
IV. 100 15 sec 3x4
V. 150 10 sec 3x5

Healing Rain

Heal everyone close by (including enemy units).

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Range Healing
I. 10 1 min 3 squares 20% + healing level
II. 50 ?? 6 squares 30% + healing level
III. 100 30sec ? 45% + healing level
IV. 200 ?? ? ??
V. 500 ?? its big as f*ck 70% + healing level


Reduces incoming damage to 1 for a limited amount of time.

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Duration
I. 20 2 minutes 4 seconds
II. 50 ?? 5 seconds
III. 100 ?? 6 seconds
IV. 200 1.5 minutes 7 seconds
V. 400 60 seconds 8 seconds


Attack everything in range with high precision.

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Range Damage
I. 5 5 sec 2x2 1.5x
II. 50 4 sec 4x4 2.0x
III. 200 3 sec 6x6 2.5x


Silence players and frighten monsters.

Rank Myst Cost Cooldown Range Duration
I. 20 30 sec 1x1 6 seconds
II. 3x3
IV. 300 5 sec